Westfield W130 Grain Auger


Why the Westfield W130 Grain Auger? To produce a better auger Westfield has purposefully made a line of augers to fit each job by size. The 13″ diameter auger comes in lengths from 31′ to 71′. This allows Westfield engineers to build to proportion and balance so that each auger is efficiently engineered for strength to weight ratios. Additionally, these product use field proven designs to make sure that they have tight tolerances and dependability.Millers Welding Westfield W130 Grain Auger

Two Drives are Available:

  • PTO-SD (31′, 36′, 41′, 51′, 61′, 71′)
  • EMD (31′, 36′, 41′)


  • Flex spouts
  • Poly hoppers