Sukup Stiffened Farm Bins

Sukup Stiffened Farm Bins have less stress on their sidewall sheets by adding stiffeners that transfer the roof weight down to the foundation.  By directly transferring the weight to the foundation, construction can use a lighter gauge sidewall sheets, reduce costs and maintain structural strength. In addition to adding a more economical solution Stiffened bins stand up better against earthquakes, storms and the weight of heavy grain storage.

Sukup Farm Stiffened Bins (BS) are classified as:

15′ -48′ diameter

Maximum 12 rings

Farm Stiffened Bins up to 6 rings are designed for general drying and storage. They may be equipped with a stirring device with up to 3 down augers.

Farm Stiffened Bins with 7 or more rings are designed for storage and aeration only. NO DRYING

Farm Stiffened Heavy Gauge Drying Bins (BSD) are classified as:

18′ – 48′ diameter

5, 6 or 7 rings

Farm Stiffened Heavy Gauge Drying Bins are designed for general drying, wet holding/working and storage. They may be equipped with a stirring device with up to 5 down augers, a center unload continuous flow system or a recirculating device.

Sukup Bins are covered by a 5-year limited warranty.


Sukup base stiffeners cover the bottom two sidewall sheets and extend above the horizontal seams for better support and structural integrity.

Standard stiffeners are 88″ to cover two sheets.

The top stiffener is tapered to fit under the roof and support the entire sheet.

Stiffeners attached to the sidewalls vertically every 4 inches.


4″ wide corrugation, 44″ tall sidewall sheets.

Bolts are grade 8.2 for added strength with JS500 coating for exceptional corrosion protection.

70,000 PSI tensile strength steel.


44″ and 66″ doors available.

Inside door panels open flat against bin wall.

Hammerhead door latch (patent pending) allows single-handed operation and ensures easy opening of doors.

Door step included as standard equipment.


15′-48′ standard roof peak load rating is 5000 lbs, evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf ground snow zone or 90 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-05 Code.

Rigidized roof panel with 3″ ribs that serve as rafters, strengthening the roof sheets.

Sukup’s standard double-tab roof clips support roof sheets every 9 3/8” at the eave.

Roof rings are standard on Sukup bins 18′ and larger. Exclusive, patent pending roof ring clips ensure that roof rings stay in place for years to come.

20″ x 35.5″ oval manhole opening is a comfortable fit for most operators.

Manhole cover is held securely in place by special latches. When open, the lid lays flat against the roof, eliminating the mess of water and soggy bees wings that can accumulate.

38″ peak opening provides approximately 8 ft2 of air exhaust area.

Peak lid cover is mounted on steel rods to allow it to slide open and closed and prevent it from blowing around on windy days.


42′ & 48′ bins have 8000 lb.* roof option (5000 lb. roof standard)

Continuous Eave Clip provides an even stronger roof to sidewall connection than our standard double-tab roof clips

Continuous Eave Vent provides the same strength as our Continuous Eave Clip, but with the added benefit of more open area, reducing the number of roof vents required

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Continuous Eave Vent

Top ring punched for stirring track (bins up to 7 rings tall)

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Fastir Track Holes Punched

Bottom bin sheets may be pre-punched for Sukup flashing

Rolled flange or bolt-on base angle

Transition openings can be pre-cut for Sukup Fans at a nominal charge

Exclusive 18″ Poly Roof Vents are virtually indestructible
Debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent
5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Poly Vent on Roof Sheet

18″ roof vent cut-outs feature a 1-1/8″ lip to prevent leakage

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Vent Lip

8-12 ring bins can be equipped with a 66″ door

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Inner Door

60″ octagonal diamond deck lid

Millers Welding Sukup Accessory Octagonal Deck Lid

Ground operated lid opener

Temperature cable mounting brackets

Outside & ladders

Sidewall stairs

*Sukup roof load ratings are based on a peak load evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf ground snow zone or 90 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-05 Code.